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Credit: "Maria", Moor University

Moor University

This project explored how Prof. Francoise Wemselsfelder's Qualitative Behaviour Assessment was used to develop a laboratory mouse welfare tool. Wemelsfelder describes QBA as a “perspective-based” approach to animal welfare, where the animal’s subjective experience is assumed and sought, in explicit contrast to the objectivist approach to animal subjectivity typically taken by animal welfare scientists. It uses, qualitative, emotional descriptors to assess animal welfare, such as "playful" or "depressed". More information about QBA can be found in this article and on Francoise Wemelsfelder's webpage.

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Making visible in free choice profiling.

I am exploring how Wemelsfelder attemps to expand the "socio-zoological imagination"of animal professionals, through phenomenologically making animal subjectivities "visible".

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"There's no such thing as a calm mouse"

What is the significance of species expertise in QBA, and what is actually meant by a "qualitative" assessment? See publication here.

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Objectification pressures on "whole animal" assessments

Investigating the relationship between conventional scientific objectivism and QBA . Can tacit knowledge be deconstructed?

Credit: "Maria", Moor University

Credit: "Maria", Moor University

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